Reseller Hosting Testimonials

Bob-Digital Marketer

My Digital Marketing Business  "behind-the-scenes" marketing

 "I received a call from a friend who told me thanks for sending marketing information that she needed. I didn't recall sending any info until I remembered our reseller hosting back-office and free website hosting support. All I did was say "Anytime!" I took all the credit. Thanks to my "behind-the-scenes" marketing campaigns."  Learn how to start a small business online with this lucrative business plan:)​ 


My Digital Marketing Business  plan offers technical issues and marketing for your customer

 "We own two digital marketing enterprises and as reseller hosting consultants, it becomes overwhelming at times to handle customers' concerns. Our free website hosting and online coaching on how to start a small business have helped us to run both businesses effectively, We don't have to deal with queries, technical issues, and marketing for this digital empire. Customer Support does everything. I focus on other things to build my business!" ​ 

Mike-Web Designer

"My Digital Marketing Business plan increased my income exponentially!"​

 "I run a digital marketing agency and my customer base is large. Integrating this reseller hosting business plan along with my free website hosting has helped me to provide domain names, web hosting support, and other business solutions for my market. This smart move not only  teaches me how to start a small business, but it also satisfies most of my clients' needs and increases my income exponentially!"​